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DR. Sebi's death and what he meant to the Hip-Hop community

Lyric Batemon
Posted by Lyric Batemon on Aug 8


Everyone is very familiar with how taboo it is ,in the Hip-Hop community/black community,to eat healthy. To officially rid yourself from the prescription drugs and find new alternatives to smoking is one of the hardest bad habits to drop. With the help of Dr. Sebi, the black community and Hip-Hop communities most profound holistic healers, Hip-Hop artist such as Lisa “ Left-Eye” Lopez have provided receipts of how great Dr. Sebi’s work was. You heard me right, was.

Dr. Sebi was announced dead in custody August 6, 2016. Dr. Sebi ,reportedly, was carrying $30,000-$50,000 in  the Juan Manuel Galvez Airport and was arrested May  28, 2016. Allegedly, Dr. Sebi was having  complications with his health in route to a hospital,while in custody, but many of those who follow his teachings thought otherwise on social media.

Dr. Sebi was very influential to the Hip-Hop community because many of our greatest Hip-Hop artists have died because of health issues and are suffering now with health issues. Recalling Lisa “ Left Eye” Lopez documentary, specific scenes are displayed of her in Honduras, the birthplace of Dr. Sebi.  Lopez and Dr. Sebi had a very close relationship as it relates to her healing that she received from Dr. Sebi. He treated her alcoholism and restored her energy with the help of his 10 day herbal detox.  

Dr. Sebi not only assisted Left Eye with her health, but he also assisted Michael Jackson as well. The health of the Hip-Hop community is very deplorable. From the death of Pimp-C to Lil’ Wayne’s constant seizures, Dr. Sebi’s death is a huge lost for the Hip-Hop community. Luckily, his business is still up and running. You can purchase or just simply check out his products. If you have some time today, take the initiative to research a herbal diet and alternatives you can take towards replacing your bad habits with energized foods. Also, take a look at The Hood Health Handbook Volume One edited by C’BS Alife Allah and Supreme Understanding. Let’s continue the legacy of Dr. Sebi of doing our bodies justice of eating correctly.

Lyric Batemon

Written by Lyric Batemon

“It’s Bigger Than Religion;Hip-Hop.”

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