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Download the Artist's Essential Guide to Hip-Hop: 2018 Edition

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Mar 5

The Artist's Essential Guide to Hip-Hop: 2018 Edition is now available! 

The guide was produced in partnership with Squarespace.

Download Guide 

There is no road map for the music industry. Every artist needs to find their own path. This guide is intended to be a free resource for hip-hop artists to navigate the steps needed to take their careers to the next level and avoid some of the common missteps.

Chapters Include:

The definitive resource for entrepreneurial hip-hop artists


The Artist's Essential Guide to Hip-Hop is presented by Squarespace, the simplest way to register a domain and create a beautiful website.

Start your free trial today by visiting squarespace.com/A3C. When you’re ready to go live, use offer code A3C17 to save 10% on your first purchase.


A Letter from the Editor

"When we decided to write an artist guide, we set out to develop a resource for artists that would provide tangible insight, lessons and ideas that they could use in their day to day life. We wanted to focus on topics we thought we're important to the development of hip-hop artists, but are often under appreciated. A3C's mission is to provide artists with a platform to promote themselves, connect with peers and learn from industry leaders. The A3C Festival & Conference is an artist-first event. We want artists to succeed and reach their potential. The Artist Guide is an extension of our mission. We hope to develop a new guide each year with new chapters, topics and updated information. I have personally worked with artists and producers in many different capacities for nearly a decade. I understand the struggle and grind it takes to be successful. I've also experienced first-hand a lot of the BS that surrounds the music business. We hope this guide helps artists in their journey, but we highly recommend artists continue to research topics and stay on top of this rapidly evolving business."  - Mike Walbert (Owner/Director, A3C)

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