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Digital Marketing Tips for Aspiring Artists in 2016

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Oct 7
Photo credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services
The biggest mistake artists make in 2016 concerning digital marketing, is believing that engaging with fans via social media is more important than physical interactions with their listeners.  At this particular panel, three notable speakers discussed the do’s and don'ts of branding yourself as an artist in today’s industry. 
Photo credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services
“You have to understand that the popularity of social media platforms changes all the time,” stated Dave Cool. “One day it could practically leave you with nothing to show for.”  Dave Cool is an entrepreneur who is currently the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach at Bandzoogle. Cool’s job consists of interaction with musicians and their fans on a daily basis. Cool’s company is one that helps artists build mobile-friendly websites, increase fan engagement, and build up merch and tours. During the panel, Cool shared his keen insights on how he felt in regards to independent artists who plan to create iconic brands.  Cool stated “ You should always be communicating with your fans to maintain that intimate relationship between artist and fan. Studies have shown that email is the most efficient way to engage with audiences.” 
Photo credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services
Director of Emerging Content at Fitzgerald & Co., Mike McGarry, agreed that a brand must be consistent, which is exactly why it must be genuine. McGarry has represented some of the most renowned artists in the world like Madonna, and The Beetles. "If you are fabricating a story about your life to your fans, then you’ll always have to keep that lie going, “ McGarry said. When marketing yourself as an artist, or any entertainer, it is of utmost importance to let fans get close to you in order to feel close to your product. This type of engagement makes the producer and consumer interaction seem less one-sided and more like a “give and take” relationship. 
Photo credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services
Radio host, and owner of the podcast “Odell’s RoundTable,”  ArtByOdell,  told everyone present at the panel that “You are the brand.” The brand is not something that should be confused with a social media account or a million youtube views. The brand grows and thrives from the artist and what he or she represents. Social media is critical, but it should never replace the idea of what it actually takes to build a strong following. “These are all things that an artist needs to have if they are going to separate themselves from the overwhelming number of rival artists in the industry,” says Odel.
Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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