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Curator Spotlight: Bhrama Bull "GRYNDFEST IV"

Sean Freeman
Posted by Sean Freeman on Sep 28

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Yet again, three of the biggest content creators, curators, and media plugs come together to provide a blend of underground sounds like we’ve never heard before! Bhrama Bull, DinnerLand, and The Sound Gallery, curators of GRYNDFEST IV, certainly don’t have a problem diversifying the range of vibes.

Ranging from the East coast, all the way to Cali, you can expect to hear hot talent like Nef The Pharaoh, Digital Nas, and Runway Richie all in one place. As if that wasn’t enough, GRYNDFEST IV has added Dash radio and XXL in the mix!   

We recently got the opportunity to speak with Gryndfest’s DJ Bhrama Bull about their upcoming showcase. Bhrama Bull sheds light on this year’s GRYNDFEST, what it means to be a “curator," and much more! Let’s dive into the full interview below.

How did your showcase come together for A3C?

Good! Kinda grew fast towards the end. As much as I wanted to keep it a secret of my people I was bringing but some got deals or went on tour before I get them, but my show is packed with hitters.

What's something you pride yourself on most when it comes to how you managed to put this together?

The support I get from my people when it gets down to it.. And I pride myself on how I build relationships and they grow into bigger opportunities organically. This is gonna be fun, expose talent from the west coast and various different areas, with the genres blended and mixed for a good show.

What do you look for in rising artists to determine if they have that “it” factor?

I look for dedication, having fun and beats.. that’s basically it! You also have to work you networks the right way but you have to have those 3 things. The beats can make up for you lyrics being trash, having fun makes people join on the wave organically and being dedicated is believing when you have haters plus work ethic. But it's gotta keep up with the life we living. It has to have some sorta wave 🌊

How do you feel about the title "curator" being used so freely in media and marketing today?

I mean it's cool but there has to be a new one coming out... Everyone is trying to make their own 40oz or grits & biscuits, but going to events will always champ a lot of things. I just feel like on a Friday night, people would rather go to a physical event over waiting for a radio show or watching their favorite show, but a curator is just someone that puts together something and it will last a few years and it will fade and a new one will come.


To what extent does the showcase lineup reflect your personal taste?

Well I like mumble rap all the way to sample beats, so you will get someone heavy in each genre. You'll be able to watch an artist and his style is way different than the artist before.

How do you handle the egos of artists/managers on the day of the show?

Strategic! It’s kinda like a RPG game where you gotta be 3 steps ahead of everything by organization and preparation. Waiting till the last minute with anything just makes it harder when you running around trying to do stuff cause no show is perfect.

How will you Measure the success of your showcases?

By how many other artists come and how drunk people are rocking to the artists. Also, by how many people stay after the previous event. And when 3 of the people have hits later next year or have deals people can say we saw that girl/guy on the gryndfest stage.

How does building your personal brand translate to curating events?

The more you do, the more they're gonna want a live aspect of performance to be incorporated! For real, I think your personal brand is king but when it comes to A3C and SXSW. At things like that, you need to step up your game to showcase something about your company. Because there's a lot of people in situations and it builds up inside of you, that you gotta come out and then you grow.

Breaking new music is a major part of A3C showcases. How do you shed a light on new artists without alienating your core fanbase?

I just feel like when people look at my show they judge each person differently, with a higher quality of perception.... Like, I'm affiliated with great companies and I ain't gonna pick no suckas for my stage, and I don't do it for the money either, so it's like I'm coming from California to Atlanta to showcase my favorite artist and give a shot. They always come to me like, "I liked that guy," "that dude is good," or "damn where did you find him?"

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The #GRYNDFEST With BhramaBull , DinnerLand and The Sound Gallery is Back Again at A3C! Be sure to grab your A3C pass today and secure your spot in the building. Learn more about the line-up here.

Sean Freeman

Written by Sean Freeman

Sean is a freelance blogger & entrepreneur hailing from Dayton, Ohio who brings engaging content to the A3C editorial team. The Alabama State Alumnus is also co-founder of the brand FreeHype.

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