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Calling all A3C fans: What are you favorite festival memories?

Lyric Batemon
Posted by Lyric Batemon on Aug 8


Calling all A3C fans!  Your feedback means the most to us here at A3C. Through all of the busy work we have going on during festival events, here is your chance to let us know your favorite activities and moments that we very seldom get to a chance to hear about.

    With only a few months left until A3C Festival 2016, what matters the most is what our fans cherish about A3C. From the symposiums to artist performances,  A3C wants to know all of your coolest moments outside of the scheduled performances and events. This year, we have so much in store! A3C Fans can be expecting to hear some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop game. These artists can reach out to countless of our fans ,who are aspiring artist/community representers, voyage towards where they are seeking to be in the Hip-Hop industry/community. From Organized Noize to Redman, (just to name a few,) we’ve got you locked and loaded for another amazing experience!

At A3C, we would love to hear all of your cool memories within the past 12 years ! Email us your fondest memories and stories at : a3cfeatures@gmail.com  and make sure you purchase your passes if you haven’t for this year's A3C festival.

Lyric Batemon

Written by Lyric Batemon

“It’s Bigger Than Religion;Hip-Hop.”

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