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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Booking Gigs in the Digital Space

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 9

gig_cover.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

Booking gigs is not only a way to create revenue, but also the number one way for artists to build their fan base.  Although there’s always the organic route, there are numerous tools available to artists and managers to help build a buzz without a booking agent.

Tamiko Hope, publicist for Metro Boomin, Zaytoven and Nick Grant helped moderate the panel and quickly dove into the topic of using our resources in the digital age to build a fan base. Booking Gigs 2.0 panelists gave great insight of using digital platforms to build a performance platform as an indie artist.  Here are some things artists or managers may not know when it comes to booking in the digital age:

1. Use apps like Gigwell and Sonicbids to make it easier to connect with venues. Jeremie Habib, CEO and founder of Gigwell App, spoke about how his app helps to ease the booking process for indie artists and venues looking to book talent.  His app, Gigwell helps artists and venues with contracts, touring and advancing.  He presented the idea that using digital resources such as Sonic Bids and Gigwell to make the it easier to match artists with venues that are looking for them.  Habib plugged the audience in on the app Jamplify that artists can use to track ticket sales and also get notified about venues in other cities booking.

2. Keep Track of Social Media Analytics. All social media and music platforms record analytics of an artist’s following and performance on these platforms. On Spotify, artists can look on their dashboard to see how many plays they’re getting, how often and where those plays are coming from. Social media is the same, you can track who’s following you, where they’re located and other logistics. By keeping up to date on social and music platform’s analytics, artists are able to better target where to perform. Also, “make sure that your socials are current, because that’s the number one place I’ll go to,” said Cynthia Charles, talent buyer for ONE Music Fest.

IMG_7509.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

3. Research!  Research artists in your city that have a similar fan base to you.  Target these venues and audiences that are specifically looking for talent life you to perform in their space. Cynthia Charles advised, “Look in your city, make an actual list of what goes on.” Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone to start building a fan base. The panelists also advised to research when similar artists are in town on big tours. Larger artists are always looking for a supporting act, and normally these acts come from local artists in the city they’re performing in.

4. Don’t Get Hustled by the promotor, don’t pay to perform“I just think it’s a waste of time, you can find other opportunities [to perform] for free,” said Clarissa Reformina, booking agent for Paradigm Talent Agency. All panelists advised against paying to book a slot on showcases.

5. Apps can get your career started, but relationships will keep it going: All of the panelists could not stress this enough, relationships are the driving force behind the music industry. The panelists explained that even with the help of apps and social media, building organic relationships is still very important. “Booking shows is relationship based,” said Cynthia Charles, talent buyer for ONE Music Fest and manager of two indie bands. A relationship with talent agent or venue can make all the difference when they are looking for new talent to book. In other words, apps can get your career started, but relationships will keep it going. 

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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