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The BeatStars Summit Kicks Off Day 1 Boomin'

Sean Freeman
Posted by Sean Freeman on Oct 5


The BeatStars Summit kicked off on Wednesday with plenty of jewels for aspiring producers and artists. 

We were first gifted with the opportunity to hear from Henny Tha Bizness and StreetRunner, two of the biggest producers in the game! STREETRUNNER gave the blueprint for his thought process behind producing Fat Joe's "So Excited."

In order to dodge those pesky sample issues when inserting drum samples on a record, the Multi-Platinum producer says “You gotta flip em, you gotta pitch em, you gotta decapitate em, change the pattern, change the sound, eq em differently.”  He also suggests to search in other countries like Greece ti find solid drum samples. Streetrunner also credits Lil Wayne’s for elevating his beat making process when he recognized the changes of the beat every four bars. Wayne recognized the pattern and would cater his flow to the change in the beat pattern. 


While Streetrunner is Protools user, Henny Tha Bizness uses Beatmaker to produce his tracks. Previewing an upcoming track with Deante Hitchcock, which is fire to say the least, Tha Bizness focused focused on the mobile tools he uses to continue creating on the go. He highlighted hardware like the Fiios amplifier, that shook the entire room as he played it, or the Xkey Air Bluetooth made by CME which is a great wireless keyboard with no latency.  Tha Bizness also spoke of the apps he uses, Blockswave great way to take loops and change pitch or key and Audioshare that combines all sounds and drum kits into one app. 


Native Instruments presented their new Studio, the Komplete Kontrol Set S61 and the Maschine Mark 3, along with demonstrations by two experienced users. Writer/Producer Mark Byrd states that the new Studio "makes everything much more streamline. It tells you everything right here, it's built in." The live experience of watching them create a track on the piano and beatpad displayed how very easy to use it is. Producer/Pianist Mike Kalombo demonstrated how fluently the keys work  on the Komplete Kontrol Set, which enables quick sequencing. Mike pointed out how the dual screen at the top of the keyboard allows him to find the right pitch and browse through to find the right sound. 


Native Instruments aimed to make their latest products more user friendly, giving you a more a bedroom or at home feel to its' form and function. They brought back the joystick on the Maschine Mark 3, kept it the same size as the previous Mark 2, and keep it at the same price. "We wanted to reward our customers for their loyalty by keeping the price at the same." Native Instruments rep says. 

Be sure to take note of the gems that were dropped yesterday and stay tuned for the BeatStars Day 2 tomorrow!

Sean Freeman

Written by Sean Freeman

Sean is a freelance blogger & entrepreneur hailing from Dayton, Ohio who brings engaging content to the A3C editorial team. The Alabama State Alumnus is also co-founder of the brand FreeHype.

Topics: Music Industry

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