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ARTlanta celebrates one year anniversary of bringing art to the city

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Oct 12

Photo Credit: Brianna for A3C media services

The success of ARTlanta Gallery is only just beginning. During an exciting and busy Saturday afternoon, the good folks at ARTlanta Gallery were making some last minute preparations for their one year anniversary show. The gallery had gone through a slight change in appearance. The walls were now covered with completed works of art instead of the coloring book pages that were posted to the walls the night before.

Slowly but surely people to trickled in. It was a different scene from the night before where there was high tempo music playing that incited dancing. For the one anniversary show, people walked in hearing the instrumentals to songs like Shaggy’ “It Wasn’t Me”  and Outkast’s "So Fresh and So Clean." While the show started off pretty much tamed, later on in the night is when the real party would start. 

Artwork from Miya Bailey, Barry Duperon, Krissi Scribbles, Keef Cross, Mustart, Rob Regis, Binky Warbucks and many other artists was displayed. Their art covered almost every wall in the building. The floor was riddled with new sketch books and small blank canvases, which encouraged anyone to express themselves as they took in the creative expressions of others.

Photo Credit: Brianna for A3C media services

One of the most interesting pieces was the portrait of Trayvon Martion made of skittles created by Barry Duperon. That piece has travelled all over the country and made its way to ARTlanta.    

Another dynamic that was added for the one year ARTlanta anniversary show was the live painting. Artists were creating new works of art in real time, which caught the caught the attention of each guests.  

Friends and supporters of the ARTlanta Gallery showed in full force to celebrate this milestone that is the first of many. Supporters included the cast of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. It was a day to remember, full of art, music performances and overall good vibes for everyone who was in attendance. 

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

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