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GRYNDFEST was Lit!!!!!!!!!!!

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Oct 10

Union Ave was packed last night for the GRYNDFEST showcase presented by Bhrama Bull. Young artists from all over set the tone for the evening by displaying a vast array of different music. Before the show, I was able to talk with hip-hop trio from North Georgia that goes by the name of Jimmy Wit An H.

IMG_3472.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

What brought you guys to perform at A3C this year?

We’re always doing shows at Union, and it’s like our home. Our management has done a great job of building those connections for us and got us on the A3C stage.

How would you classify your style of music?

We’re creating our own genre. We just like vibe music, something that can take you away on a journey.

What music will you perform tonight?

We plan to do a few songs from our old ep As Us As Possible then an all new release transitioning into our new ep As Us As Possible Vol.2 that is set to release soon.

IMG_3483.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

Throughout the night other dope artist took the stage such as Dallas native Billie Band$ who showcased song “Diamonds On My Wrist” and “Way” both produced by Vontri. His southern appeal is shown throughout his performance that had the crowd hype.

IMG_3479.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

Atlanta artist Maui The King Jr. made his debut at GRYNDFEST with his single “No Free Lunch.” His performance was filled with high energy as he swagged the beat and the stage. His versatile flow can be heard on his new EP “Going Out For Wings.”

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