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A3C StartUp Spotlight: BrandSnap

Sean Freeman
Posted by Sean Freeman on Sep 19


In today’s world, social media plays a huge role in many realms, especially the music business. The first of its kind, BrandSnap’s mission is to connect rising music artists and brands together for social media campaigns on one platform. Since March of 2017, BrandSnap has set out to empower the artist by giving the opportunity to unite with brands for brand partnerships, syncs, product placements, and more. “We provide brands with data on music artists such as demographics, engagement metrics, reach metric artist's followers interest and brand affinity,” says BrandSnap's Calvin Mabi.

Their main financial goal in this presentation is to gain funding so they will be able to gather data without having to rely on the social media platform's API. “Our biggest challenge is that as we get most of our data from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, they usually change their policies on their API.” The future for BrandSnap is limitless. “Our platform can easily become a global company connecting music artists and brands from all around the world  and helping music artists access new global markets,” Mabi continued. This potential expansion would increase the boundaries in which brands can find and aid artists in their journey to becoming global icons. The UK based company also sees sports as another target market, connecting athletes with brands for sponsorship deals and more.

BrandSnap took home second place at the Big Data competition, has been selected for a top tier accelerator program, and has now been chosen to present at our A3C Music Tech presentation. Artists can get a head start by visiting their website and registering for the beta version here http://www.brandsnap.co.uk/.  

You can see BrandSnap and our other Startup Spotlight Finalists' presentations at our Music Tech conference track. Get tickets here!

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Sean Freeman

Written by Sean Freeman

Sean is a freelance blogger & entrepreneur hailing from Dayton, Ohio who brings engaging content to the A3C editorial team. The Alabama State Alumnus is also co-founder of the brand FreeHype.

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