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A3C Navigation: Tech Junkies Unite!

Johnell Gipson
Posted by Johnell Gipson on Sep 26

While A3C Festival & Conference is stacked to the brim with panels for those solely interested in music, we didn’t forget to schedule some events for those with interests in other realms. For all the techies out there, we’ve got you covered. Below, we created an exhaustive list of every tech-related event that A3C will be hosting this year. Check out the events that you’re interested in, based on the fields of Marketing, Networking, or Cutting-Edge.


Google Analytics Workshop by Digital Good Times - Tech Hub - Thursday 11:30 AM

As we continue to shift into a digital age, it is apparent that data is king. The more you know about your audience and the impression you're creating, the more power you have to create successful marketing campaigns and expand your reach. Google Analytics is one of the most important tools you can use to make greater impressions, but are you sure you’re using it the right way? Learn some news tricks and tools while meeting some potential business partners.


Accelerate with Google - Tech Hub - Thursday 5:30 PM

The Accelerate with Google Academy is a 12-week program designed to help businesses start marketing online and learn the best practices. Attendees get some insight into the tools and training needed to advertise on the web. This workshop will give attendees a taste of the program and is customized, so by its end you’ll be ready to start meeting your business’s unique goals and making the most of the web. Jewel Burks is the featured speaker.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 presented by General Assembly - Tech Hub - Friday 1:00 PM

Change is the only constant, but which digital marketing change is meaningful? If you are unsure of what works for your business, this a discussion you need to attend. From technology trends that impact analytic decisions to evolving consumer behaviors that impact business models, this meeting covers topics today’s marketers will need to have a handle on what’s important and on the rise.


Tech Square ATL - Presentation Hall (Loudermilk Center) - Wednesday 12:30 PM

This event will be an essential meeting hub for any innovators in Atlanta’s tech community. Spearheaded by the highly influential Scott Henderson, it is crucial that anyone interested in the future of technology attend. Scott Henderson is the owner of Sandbox Communities, a company responsible for creating Tech Square, a community clubhouse for those interested in building the future of technology. Anderson also helped launched Hypepotamus, one of the most important startup publications in Atlanta.

Technology Is Changing Collaboration - Tech Hub - Wednesday 4:00 PM
When artists wanted to work together in the past, they had to schedule a time and meet in the studio. Today, technology has enabled creatives to collaborate like never before, blending simplicity and innovation. Technology has made it possible for people to collaborate on the go and from across the world, allowing you to do more with less. For those interested in what’s next, come see Josh Simons, Jimmy Smith, Sam Hamad speak on the future of collaboration in the tech realm.

Music Tech Meetup - Tech Hub - Wednesday 7:00 PM

Music tech isn't just about music streaming. There are opportunities in music technology that go beyond the basics, it just requires a little innovation and collaboration. Meet with others working in music technology and build your network so you can launch a project of your own in the near future. There will be some light refreshment and snacks provided, because no one is friendly and hungry at the same time.

StartUp Meetup Curated by Digital Good Times - Tech Hub - Thursday 7:00 PM

The Atlanta StartUp community is blowing up, and so are the opportunities within the music community. Connect with other entrepreneurs and startups and build your network. Led by Mario Taylor, Barry Givens, and Donald Beamer.

Intro to the Atlanta Startup Community presented by General Assembly - Tech Hub - Friday 11:30 AM

Get the inside scoop on key events/meetups to attend, people, companies, VCs, blogs, incubators, programs, hot issues, and more.


The Cutting-Edge

An App For Everything: The Future of Music Apps - Tech Hub - Wednesday 2:30 PM

Music Apps aren't just for streaming music anymore; there are music apps for editing, enhancing and creating music. Apps are also changing how artists share and connect with other artists and their fans, making them more accessible than ever before.  The future is limitless for what’s to come as tech and music continue to mesh, and this event will spark an important conversation led by Jonathan Richter, Sam Hamad, Phil Elias about what may be around the corner. Come discuss how far we’ve come and what the future of music apps look like.

Meet The Founders: A Conversation with NoirBnB - Tech Hub - Thursday 1:00 PM

In October of 2015, NoirBnB founders Ronnia Cherry and Stefan Grant had a jarring experience with police during their stay in an AirBnB host’s home. Although things were a large misunderstanding, they decided to meet with the AirBnB founders in San Francisco and pitch the Noirbnb concept. After speaking for months about how they could better serve the Black community, they realized the company had no intention of focusing their energy on properly servicing Black travelers. in June, the duo decided to announce and launch Noirbnb - the future of Black travel. This panel is all about the steps it took for this team to launch their app, and how technology fits into communities of color.

The Future of Live Streaming - Tech Hub - Thursday 2:30 PM

Live Streaming has grown in popularity quickly over the last few years. A number of media powerhouses, including Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, and YouTube have invested heavily in the trend, but does live streaming have a bright future? Come to this discussion led by Dave Beck and Kameron Dabney to learn how Live Streaming can grow and engage your fans, as well as monetization capabilities?


hackMUSIC presented by covello - Tech Hub - Friday 3:00 PM

A3C has partnered with covello to produce its first ever A3C music hackathon experience, hackMUSIC. This event is the first of its kind in the Southeast, where world-class hackers, designers and creatives with various backgrounds will collaborate for 24 hours to create tech innovations in the music space.

Johnell Gipson

Written by Johnell Gipson

Topics: Technology

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