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A3C Navigation: Go-To Guide for Aspiring A&Rs

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Sep 23


Being a good A&R in the music industry is no easy task. If you’re willing to accept this role you must be able to communicate with your label and artist being represented effectively. As an A&R it is your responsibility to find talent, oversee the recording process, and assist with marketing and promotion of the project. With this amount of responsibility much knowledge is to be obtained in contracts, artist management, marketing, and publishing. All these concepts are essential to being a successful A&R because it is your duty to guide the artist you represent in the right direction.

Keeping up with the current trends in the industry is a must to search for talent that can be marketable for commercial success. Often A&R’s are musician’s, producers, or music journalist who have a creative insight as to what is hot currently. The role of A&R is very competitive with the advances in ways people are consuming music. Digital distribution and music streaming is putting pressure on labels and their A&R staff because of the amount of music available and declining record sales. Although this role requires a lot of knowledge and hustle to make it in a competitive atmosphere, we at A3C have a few informal panels that can guide your career in the right direction.

1) Digital Marketing: What’s Working in 2016
Wed Oct. 5th @12:30 pm
Room One (Loudermilk Center)
Speakers: Ernie Talbert, Mike McGarry

2) Publishing, Licensing, & Sync Mentor Session
Wed Oct. 5th @4pm
The Lab (Loudermilk Center)
Speakers: Ricardo Spicer, Greggory Smith, Brian Hamilton, Matthew Steele

3) 5 Contracts Every Artist Should Know
Thursday, Oct. 6th @11am
Room One (Loudermilk Center)
Speakers: Evita Kaigler, Gilles Walters, Michael Epstein, Matthew V. Wilson

4) Brands Break Artist
Thursday, Oct. 6th @2pm
Room One (Loudermilk Center)
Speakers: Dan Resnick, James Cuthbert, John Miller

5) Hip-Hop’s Most Wanted: A&Rs
Thursday, Oct. 6th @2:15 pm
Ballroom (Loudermilk Center)
Speakers: Tunji Balogun, Dante Ross, Jeff Sledge, Joshua “HipHop” Kyambo

Topics: A&R

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