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A 40 oz., Spades Games and Juicy J = The Recipe for A Perfect Reunion

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Oct 18


A3C Festival has come to an official end, but there was still more to see. Held at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Complex, A3C Family Reunion felt some what like a neighborhood cookout. Early that day it was suppose to rain, but thankfully it didn't, creating ideal conditions for an out doors event.

Upon arrival, ATL's own Speakerfoxx was on DJ duty, welcoming the first wave of people to show up. You could hear the music thumping when pulling up. After a brief wait in line and going through an excessive security search, the A3C family reunion had familiar faces, just like a real reunion. If you met someone earlier at A3C a week before, there's a good chance you were able to see them again. Networking was still the name of the game as people mixed and mingled, and got acquainted with each other.

Sponsored by Colt 45, the 40 oz. served as a center piece. They were placed everywhere. As soon as guest entered the event, they quickly went to grab a Colt 45 or a cocktail with Colt 45 as the main ingredient. Free merch is always a plus and almost everyone Incorporated a Colt 45 bandanna with their outfits.  Earth Foods catering provided the good eats, while the continuous spades games definitely provided a communal vibe.  

It was a chill event with some cool performances that brought everything to an end. With performances by OJ da Juice Man, Project Pat and Juicy J, who performed some Three 6 Mafia classics such as “Sipping on Some Sizzurp” and “Stay Fly.” With so much going on in Atlanta, A3C family reunion was a nice alternative to other events happening that day.

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Family Reunion, Colt 45

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