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5 Must-Have Gadgets to Enhance Your A3C Experience

Cora Taft
Posted by Cora Taft on Sep 16

Inspector Gadget had everything on him at a drop of a dime and I guess you can say females with large purses are the same. But what is most important is that you have all the important items with you to have an amazing experience at A3C Festival & Conference.

Stay Charged Up: We may be celebrating 1996 but this is 2016. Phone batteries don’t last all day like they use to so make sure you grab your phone charger as well a portable charger (or three). With all that snappin’ going on, your battery will probably be drained after the third act. Singing “Make It Last Forever” will not stop your phone battery from dying. They usually range from $10 + or start attending random events & they could be giving them out.


Do it for the Gram: Having a camera is super important when you come to A3C! There’s no telling who you’ll run into, what you’ll want to document or maybe you’ll just want to take a bomb picture of your outfit. If you really want to feel 90’s, purchase a disposable camera or a Polaroid camera. Take pictures with and of people who you meet, the scenery and performers. It’ll make for amazing memories and Instagram post.


Selfies on Another Level: A selfie stick will definitely be important because of the large crowds. Attaching your phone to the selfie stick will give you extra length to capture the perfect video. But do be obnoxious, if using a selfie stick please be mindful of others that are around you enjoying the show around you.  

Catch the Highlights – No Kanye: Go-Pro for the bloggers and vloggers.  It is an action camera that will give a direct view of everything that you are seeing! Definitely a great gadget to invest in for adventurous people. The best feature is just being about to see everything.


Hello Mr. Nice Watch: Watches have come back in style. Here’s a situation, what if the phones and all portable chargers are all dying. What’s the best thing to do? Pull a 90’s moves and look at the flick of the wrist and check the time. Apple Watches, G-Shocks, Spring Break Watches are all popular so check them out!


If you don’t have one of the items, no biggie – make sure that one of your friends will have it on deck. Because who wants to look back at their A3C experience and not remember any of it.

Cora Taft

Written by Cora Taft

Topics: a3c, Tech

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