And It Don't Stop: 20 A Zae Production Videos You Have to See

Jerel Marshall
Posted by Jerel Marshall on Sep 12


Five years ago as the Chicago drill scene began to garner national attention with rappers like Chief Keef, King Louie and Lil Durk capturing the culture and attitude of the Windy City’s youth. A critical component to their rise in popularity was the constant stream of videos that quickly racked up views on Youtube. Videographer Xavier Williams or A Zae Production has played a major role, filming videos at a rate that keeps pace with prolific artists he captures. Zae has quickly become one of the most popular videographers in hip-hop, as his Youtube page inches closer towards 500,000,000 views each day.

As we get closer to this year’s A3C festival where Zae will co-host the seminar “How to Grow a Fanbase on Youtube,” let’s take a close look at the videos that helped him grow his large fanbase. Zae will also serve as co-host to the Opposition showcase, and A3C curator Sam Gill hinted that the talented videographer may have some surprises in store. Perhaps one of the artists from these videos will make a surprise guest appearance.

1. Chief Keef - Love No Thotties

2. 21 Savage - Red Opps

3. Chief Keef - Macaroni Time

4. Montana of 300 - Ice Cream Truck

5. Lil Bibby & Lil Herb - Ain't Heard Bout You

6. Tink - Treat Me Like Somebody

7. Hot Headzz - Hmmm

8. Lil Durk - 52 Bars

9. Lil Reese - Us

10. Lil Bibby - Ridah

11. King Louie - Taking Over the Streets

12. SD - Don't Believe Me

13. Capo feat. Chief Keef - Hate Me

14. Lil Durk feat. French Montana - L's Anthem Remix

15. Skippa Da Flippa feat. Lil Durk - Real Street N*gga

16. Lil Mouse - 100 Bars pt. 2

17. Rich the Kid feat. Migos - Trap

18. Fredo Santana feat Maxo Kream - Big Homies

19. Matti Baybee feat. Tink - Young Flashy & Cocky

20. Chief Keef - I Dont Know Dem

Jerel Marshall

Written by Jerel Marshall

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