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Chicago's Thoth Set Is The "Lyph Of The Party"

Posted by Tai Saint-Louis on Sep 21

Where are you from?
Lombard, IL

How has your city and influenced your music?
Doc Phibes: A lot of people are Hip-Hop artists in the Chicago area and a lot of them are good. That being said, striving to stand out in Chicago takes originality. It really brings out one's creativity in the struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Pitchblack: Growing up in this area has influenced my music by being introduced to so many different styles and artists. All kinds of music and all kinds of people. Other than that, I would have to say that the skyline, architecture and the beauty of the lake are certainly inspirational on multiple levels.

What song, video or project are you most proud of to date?
Doc Phibes: The music video for "Lay It Down." It's been our most succesful song so far and the whole experience of shooting the music video was surreal. It really felt like we had reached a new level.

Pitchblack: I feel at this point, each song/project shows our growth and is better, in some way, than the last. I'm extremely proud of everything we have accomplished and completed thus far and look forward to continuous growth and success.

What do you enjoy about bout being a Hip-Hop artist?
Doc Phibes: Getting to do what I love most and traveling. I'd be touring 365 days a year if it were up to me.

Pitchblack: I like the fact that people are surprised and unexpecting of me based on my appearance. Seeing new places, meeting new people. Simply put: I am living out my childhood dreams. And not too many people are granted the pleasure of honestly saying so.

What can people expect from you over the next 6 months?
Doc Phibes: New Music! The follow-up to our EP Abraxas Vol. 1 is in the works and I feel it'll be well received.

Pitchblack: Growth... the element of surprise is a beautiful thing.

What advice would you give to yourself a few years ago?
Doc Phibes: Invest everything in yourself and don't waste any time on little stuff.

Pitchblack: Prioritize and dont get lost in the negative.

What do you most look forward to about A3C Festival & Conference?

Doc Phibes: Being our first year, I'm really looking forward to seeing what it's all about, networking, and leaving a good impression.

Pitchblack: Traveling and the atmosphere. Any time or place where positive energy is gathered, as i imagine, is usually the birth place of greatness. Making memories and history.

Catch Thot Set Live At A3C On Saturday, October 10 When Keeynote.com Presents The Lyph Of The Party

Tai Saint-Louis

Written by Tai Saint-Louis

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