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A3C 2015 Artist: Brittany NaCole Brings A New Vibe To Chicago's Hip-Hop Scene

Posted by Tai Saint-Louis on Sep 2

Where are you from?
Chicago, IL

How has your city influenced your music?

I am originally from Lima, Ohio, but I was raised in Columbus, Ohio and I have been living in Chicago for the past 4 years. Chicago has influenced my music because with it being such a major city in the music industry right now with so many new artist and sounds emerging out of Chicago, it has pushed me to keep pushing the limits with my style and sound to produce and create a different sound/vibe to come out of Chicago.

What song, video or project are you most proud of to date?

I am most proud of my EP "Daydream." It was my first project and I went through a lot emotionally to be able to write the lyrics for that project. I put a lot of work into "Daydream" and to have it picked up by J Rawls was so amazing because I was already a fan of his. His words and encouragement and working with him on my music has given me so much hope and faith within myself when it comes to my music.

What do you enjoy about bout being a hip-hop artist?

I enjoy making good music. I enjoy seeing and hearing about people enjoying my music and making people happy through my music. I enjoy giving others going through the same stuff I go through someone to relate to through my music. I enjoy picking peoples minds with my lyrics and making them think. I enjoy spreading good vibes with my music.

What can people expect from you over the next 6 months?
In the next 6 months I will be working on my debut album "Flowerhead" which will be released through Polar Ent. with J Rawls sometime this Fall. I also have some visuals in the works and many more shows.

What advice would you give to yourself a few years ago?

A few years ago I would have told myself to pay attention in music theory class, and never stop practicing playing the guitar. I also would have told myself to not let your fear of what others think stop you from chasing your dreams.

What do you most look forward to about A3C Festival & Conference?

I look forward to meeting and networking with all the other amazing artists that will be at A3C festival/conference.

Tai Saint-Louis

Written by Tai Saint-Louis

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