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A3C Alumni: 2 Chainz's Top 10 Hottest Verses

Posted by Isaiah Smart on Sep 22



Rapper 2 Chainz is surely a forerunner in the Hip Hop industry. From his twerkaholic beats to his get money motivated attitude, he produces some of today's most popular trap music. Check out top 10 verses of raw 2 Chainz.

1. “K.O.” ft. Big Sean – It seems that Drake and Big Sean bring out the best in 2 Chainz. In the number one spot, “K.O.” reigns supreme. A major club hit in the 2011/2012 days, “K.O.” reigns as the #1 verse from 2 Chainz. At this point, Chainz was creeping to his height as a rapper and features are his bread and butter as he keeps up with the best verse of his career. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this song is a sure fire hit and guaranteed sing-a-long.


2. “Mercy” – The only thing better than getting a switch up on the production for your verse is getting a perfect alley-oop from the verse before yours; and 2 Chainz slams it down with authority as Ye tallies the assist on “Mercy”. 2 Necklaces has a flawless performance as he dances with snares with a verse full of labels, money and brand talk that most of us won’t see in our lives.


3. “Bandz a Maker Her Dance” ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – There’s no doubt that this song would be in the top 5 of this list. As 2 Chainz was holding up his end of turn up tunes in 2012, Juicy J was on the way and he brought a club hit that would entice any woman in the club to shake what her mama gave her. With that in mind, who better to end the track than Chainz? 2 Chainz brings an energetic delivery to a rather chill song (despite its twerking nature) and brings an energy honestly needed to make the song worth multiple listens.


4. “No Lie” ft. Drake (verse 2) – We know that Drake has the ability to takeover anyone’s song but 2 Chainz made sure that you wouldn’t forget his cocky flow, his ability to plant his lyrics make any woman twerk to them.


5. “All Me” ft. Big Sean & 2 Chainz – The opening verse of one of Drake’s singles from his third album belongs to ATL representative, 2 Chainz. One thing Chainz rarely does is disappoint on a feature verse and this is no exception. He has a knack for coining trendy sayings and this time he gave us “ill n*gga alert, ill n*gga alert!” and this verse proves why he can hold the title alongside two of hip-hop’s bright spots, Big Sean and Drake.


6. “Turn Up” ft. Cap-1 (verse 2) – Thanks to Drumma Boy and 2 Chainz, there are still people walking in and turning up. On the second dose of 2 Chainz, the rapper boasts of his hood support and financial prowess in a way that isn’t distracting to the production.


7. “Riot” (verse 2) – How dare I not feature T.R.U. Realigion? 2 Chainz has a knack for opening some of his older songs with short first verses and it always work. The second verse of “Riot” is a warning shot to anyone trying to take his woman or question him or his clique.


8. “Spend It” (verse 2) – This verse turned out to be one of the most rapped verses in the clubs during its run on the streets and a remix with T.I. made it all the more better. If you’re new to 2 Chainz, you’ll learn that he has a way with words and is crafty to make a weak verse sound crafty due to his delivery. “I’ll take ya wife/give her back/nine months after that/Similac!”


9. “Supafreak” ft. 2 Chainz – “Rick James! Superfreak! She got that wet wet, that’s a super leak!” is the start of one of 2 Chainz’ most memorable guest verses. TM103 was set to be a major return for Jeezy and Chainz was in the midst of a major wave of attention he had been working years to get to. This verse features braggadocios bars about his money and bad broad, which happens to be a “supafreak”.


10. “Pimps” ft. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. – First, it wouldn’t be right if this list didn’t have at least one verse from Codeine Cowboy. Second, despite the ratchet nature of Mr. Chainz he always puts on a solid performance with KRIT. The opening verse of this standout track gives us a mellow story of the pimping lifestyle of the man formerly known as Tity Boy.



Isaiah Smart

Written by Isaiah Smart

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