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A3C 2015 Artist: What Advice Would The Jungle Brothers Give Their Younger Selves?

Posted by Tai Saint-Louis on Sep 10

Where are you from?
New York City!

How has your city and influenced your music?
Our city and all the people in it not only influence us they drive us!!!! It's the city that never sleeps and every has a beat!! Most of all the mixture of cultures keep us on our toes and ready for world!!

What song, video or project are you most proud of to date?
We would have to say Straight out of the Jungle, because it was the starting point not just for us but for artist who came behind us. When you put work into an LP, it makes you take a look at yourself and surroundings in a whole new way, and you look back and see all the people it's touched, that's priceless!!!

What do you enjoy about bout being a hip-hop artist?
Being able to travel the world and feel like we never left home.

What can people expect from you over the next 6 months?
New videos from the BAM and Mr Dero album also new video from Jungle Brothers and Ali B for the song "Gimme That"

What advice would you give to yourself a few years ago?
Get ready for the digital world cause it's only gonna get stronger.

What do you most look forward to about A3C Festival & Conference?
Learning new things and reaching to new fans.



Tai Saint-Louis

Written by Tai Saint-Louis

Topics: a3c 2015 Artists

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