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A3C 2015 Artist: Peter $un Talks Richmond Street Art

Posted by Tai Saint-Louis on Sep 1

Where are you from?
Richmond, VA

How has your city and influenced your music?

Recently I've been most inspired by the art/graffiti in my city. There are a lot of great murals and colors all around the city that just push me to paint sounds and take time to really make something beautiful that will last forever. Besides that, just the overall culture of Richmond.

What song, video or project are you most proud of to date?

I'm proud of everything that I've made. If I released it I feel like it was ready to enter the world and was needed at that time.

What do you enjoy about bout being a hip-hop artist?

I enjoy the self-expression and creativity of being a artist. The fact that you can do just about anything you want and capture the emotions of a particular moment.

What can people expect from you over the next 6 months?
I'm not sure at the moment. I just want to take my time to put together undeniable, classic music. I'm working on a new project but at the moment i just want to make sure the sounds and vibes are beautiful.

What advice would you give to yourself a few years ago?

Stop worrying about what other people think and think more about what you want. Think about the messages you want to spread.

What do you most look forward to about A3C Festival & Conference?
The experience

Tai Saint-Louis

Written by Tai Saint-Louis

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