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5 StreetWear Stores to checkout during your A3C stay

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Sep 14

The street wear culture in Atlanta has evolved over the years into one of the top competitors alongside the Fairfax area in California and the fashion scene in New York. The city has tons of new stores and small boutiques that are sure to grab your attention and fit your urban style. While at A3C, stop by one of our recommendations to get laced in the newest fit before arriving to a conference or showcase.

 Here are 5 street wear stores to checkout during A3C:


#1. Wish ATL

447 Moreland Ave,

Atlanta, Ga 30307

Photo Cred: Choate Co.

Certainly the most popular on our list, Wish has been the go-to for street wear apparel in Atlanta for years. The store features a large upstairs area catered to clothing brands such as Stussy, Diamond Supply and Rocksmith. The store not only contains dope apparel, but also holds and exclusive sneaker collection filled with the latest kicks on the market. With such a wide variety of clothing and sneaker options, you and you’re homies are certain to leave this famous boutique satisfied with your purchases.


#2. Fly Kix

275 Peters St SW,

Atlanta, Ga, 30313

Photo Cred. Fly Kix

 Fly Kix ATL has one of the largest sneaker collections Atlanta has to offer. Whether you are looking for the newest retro Jordan’s or a subtle pair of New Balance to go with your new Crooks and Castles tee, Fly Kix has you covered.


#3. Ginza Boutique

72 Upper Alabama St,

Atlanta, Ga  30303

Photo Cred: Ginza Boutique

Located in the heart of Underground Atlanta, Ginza Boutique has been a key contributor to the urban culture in the city. They are most famous for their large display of snapbacks, while also having some of the top brands in street wear available for purchase. Come shop with the crew at Ginza for an intimate shopping experience that will leave you feeling like part of the family.


 #4. Stratosphere Skateboards

466 Moreland Ave NE,

Atlanta, Ga 30307

 Photo Cred: Stratosphere Skateboards

Although this shop isn’t solely catered to the latest street wear brands, Stratosphere is surely to please those with more of a skater edge when it comes to clothing. Located in the Little 5 Points area, Stratosphere is the home for everything skateboard related. The store has a dope display of Nike Sb and Vans sneakers as well as apparel from Thrasher and Huf. If the skater look is for you this is definitely the place to shop in Atlanta.


#5. Versus ATL

493 Flat Shoals Ave SE

Atlanta, Ga 30316


Photo Cred: Versus ATL

Last but not least we have the underdog of our list, Versus ATL. This small boutique has been open for only a week and is already starting to grab attention around the city. Versus specializes in 80s and 90s sports apparel allowing sports fanatics the opportunity to indulge in a more nostalgic look. The store is located in East Atlanta Village making it accessible to reach while exploring the A3C festival grounds.


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