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2016 TeamBackPack Auditions Are OPEN!

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Feb 8

TeamBackPack's cypher series is one of the best opportunities for up and coming artists to get exposure!  We have co-produced cyphers with TBP at past A3C's and hope to bring them back in 2016.

Teambackpack is the truest platform to showcase talented artists across all spectrums of hip-hop culture globally. We believe hip-hop is the most important idea for this generation in influencing positivity, self-awareness, and change throughout the world. We are the soapbox for hip-hop, consistently providing opportunities and experiences to the best hip-hop artists at every level, while connecting these artists to a growing community of viewers & listeners.

Now peering into 2016, the world is ready for a change in the music industry. People are fed up with the same radio sensation cycles and are interested in learning and hearing music that they can connect to and are inspired by. While hip-hop is growing in every major city of the world, we are here to provide a look into whats REALLY happening in this new hip-hop generation.

More Info Here

1. Record a 16 bar verse LIVE in front of your camera using any of the beats from the soundcloud playlist [Click link].

2. Upload it to YOUTUBE with your name and our TBP stamp in the title; [ex: Dougie Fresh d(-_-)b ].

3. Submit the video link and other important information to the form BELOW under “SUBMIT”!

4. Check your email and come back to this page after a few hours to see your audition in the “WATCH” area below.

5. Our judges will be choosing Live Audition Finalists over the course of the next few months and will be in contact with you. We are expecting around TEN THOUSAND submissions this year and only a few hundred will get chosen.

6. Finalists will be given that chance to audition LIVE at Mission Underground New York in early June!

7. Stay tuned for more information regarding auditions and Mission Underground New York coming soon!



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