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10 Classic Streetwear Brands We Wish Would Come Back In Style

Lyric Batemon
Posted by Lyric Batemon on Jun 2

lixenberg-e1447430235587.jpgEveryone knows, for a fact, that Hip-Hop is known for the crazy style of language, but many often times forget that Hip-Hop plays huge role in the fashion industry. Hip-Hop even has
its own genre of clothing: streetwear. Fashion is a huge part of Hip-Hop culture. Let's go back in time and take a look at  10 streetwear brands that we wish would come back in style for good.

10. Coogi

Many are familiar with the Australian brand Coogi. Known for it’s brilliant colors and
defined embroidery, but as fashion “what’s new is hot, what’s old is not” developed in the school house, wearing Coogi is the quickest way to get teased. Though many might not understand how cool Coogi actually was, Party Boyz did an amazing job with showing us how to flex wearing Coogi from head to toe. Even B.I.G Poppa himself inspired A$AP Ferg to stay Coogi down to his socks . The brand Coogi created a very sophisticated approach to the streetwear game. From the Polo styled shirts to the famous crew necks, Coogi never lost it’s touch, perhaps, maybe too many people have been out of touch.


FUBU ( For Us by Us)is a very well known streetwear brand that everybody and their momma wore on the block. Daymond John did an amazing job with creating a Hip-Hop brand thats geared towards the empowerment of African-American business and fashion. Notoriously known for it's fly FUBU jerseys to the headbands, the FUBU brand was not only a taste of urban wear, but it was a mixture of a cultural movement that paved the way for many other brand names that developed after.

52064eab67fe2.jpg8. Nautica

For all of the 90’s babies, Nautica was one of the hottest brands to rock at your nearest block party or regular video shoot. What is so hip about Nautica is their windbreaker styled jackets. Nautica is very similar to the 90’s style Tommy Hilfiger, but Nautica had Tommy beat with the subtle , but eye catching colors like : yellow, forest green,and navy blue. Many thrifters luck up on rare vintage Nautica that you can’t really catch on their website. If people loved the 90’s so much or wished they grew up in the 90’s as a teen, gear up at your local thrift store for some rare and authentic Nautica.

pmfnixfaaz3ardamczgq.jpg7. True Religion

True Religion sky rocketed when Jim Jones hit the scene. In Hip-Hop you have your
Robin Jeans and Meks, but if you did not have a pair of Trues you were living a lie. True
Religion jeans are one of the old gems of Hip-Hop fashion, but it is still very relevant in the “best dressed” outfit rotations. Some may argue that Robin Jeans are back in style, which maybe true, but True Religion jeans are the best go to designer jeans. With the many different names of styles True Religion Jeans has to offer ( Billie, Roco,Casey), a fan favorite is the Super T whose heavy stitch catches the eye of anyone. The True Religion brand is a very old brand, but the material and quality has always remained the same, religiously true.


FILA is very well known for their tennis shoes. Though FILA came on the fashion scene
and left, it has recently returned with many different lines you can find on Urban Outfitters
website. There is no doubt that FILA isn’t returning to the scene with heavy hitter styles, but
they are bringing to the table more instyle colors and great marketing. As fashion progresses and history repeats itself, FILA is doing a great job with appealing to the audience and taste of simple, but vintage. FILA is very well known for their sports wear styled jackets, which is a popular piece of clothing amongst Hip-Hop artists. So, while you’re shopping on Urban Outfitter’s website or thrifting around for vintage FILA gear, be sure to stop by your local sneaker boutique to restock on a fresh pair of high top FILA’s with the strap.
jay-nas-sway.1.jpg5. BAPE

Bathing Ape, better known as Bape, has been on the Hip-Hop fashion scene for years.
Bape did not become popular just by a reblog on tumblr, but millennials fail to realize how hard rappers like Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy rocked the “old” Bape.The oversized Bape hoodies to the funky tennis shoes rocked by Soulja Boy , what really stood out the most about Bape then, was how it was worn as well as how big it was worn. Very similar to the long white t era, Bape then was worn with large Bape shirts and often times very vibrant colored Bape sneakers. If the citizens of street wear fashion are going to bring Bape back, hopefully more flavor could be added to wearing just the camouflage Bape t-shirt.

RihannaRihannaseenLAXAirportLosAngelesQgPgW0dZaYgx.jpg4. DKNY

Biggie Smalls himself said that he put the ladies onto DKNY in New York. DKNY is
well known for the simple black t-shirts with white or bedazzled stitching (for the ladies). DKNY is a very clean cut brand that many of the players and big poppas wore. Founded in New York, DKNY was set to “to pace, the attitude’ of fashion, but with New York being the fashion pool of the word, this simple fashion became very popular amongst streetwear allowing a particular facade many fashion goers took on in Hip-Hop.

GettyImages-105022724.0.jpg3. Rocawear

One of Hip-Hop’s favorite is Rocawear. Established by Hip Hop’s most loved, Jigga
Man, Jay-Z provided streetwear that rode the wave of popularity for a while. The quality of
jeans, some would say, was what stuck out the most in the Rocawear brand along with the
famous jean jackets. With denim playing a huge role in Hip-Hop, Rocawear provided much
competition for Brands like Ecko Red. Brands like Rocawear were very relevant to the culture of Hip-Hop and are very important now, if one really knows good quality of denim

joeybadass.jpg2. Ecko Red

Everyone had a pair of denim when they were younger with the red Rhino on the side of
it. The famous Ecko Red was a brand name that was not only for the rappers in Hip-Hop, but for the kids as well. Ecko Red did an amazing job with supplying the fashion world with apparel that competed with the well known brand Baby Phat and Phat Farm. The quality of the brand was very similar to Jay-Z’s Rocawear, but just a little bit more affordable. Ecko Red was very family oriented which was a great marketing strategy.

sean-john-velour-tracksuit-3.jpg1. Sean-Jean

Known for the suede jumpsuits, Sean-Jean is most definitely needed for a come back as it
relates to vintage wear being popular. P. Diddy displayed much of his charisma through this
brand and one must say that throwing on a pair of Sean-Jean suits might draw the attention of a campaign deal. Sean-Jean exemplified great entrepreneurship, but for the fashion world it provided luxury and comfort. Along with the regular pieces of apparel any brand adds on to its line up, Sean-Jean’s jumpsuit is a must come back before for the Fall.

Lyric Batemon

Written by Lyric Batemon

“It’s Bigger Than Religion;Hip-Hop.”

Topics: Music

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