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"We gone body the competition" - Random Axe Audio(Interview)

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jun 21

Phenomblak & Twan, members of the A3C Blogteam and creators of the WheresMy40Acres Hip Hop Site/Podcast, had a chance to sit down with all 3 members of Random Axe for an exclusive interview. Listen to the interview and hear how Random Axe plans to "body the competition" at the A3Cfestival this year. They also talk about their future solo projects and collaborations with past A3C headlining artists. Oh, and Sean Price talks about his hobbies when he's not in the studio. You can probably guess what some of them are if you're a fan of Sean P!

Click Link to Listen to the Interview: Random Axe Interview : Alt Link

The Blog Team

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