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Tomorrow, Yesterday's debut album - To... From...

Posted by LuisReyes on Aug 25

Tomorrow, Yesterday's debut album on HiPNOTT Records: To... From.... is here and available for download. HiPNOTT Records is very excited to share this music with you all so they're giving it away today as a free download. Produced entirely by L.A. producer A3, To... From... has Yep & T.i.E. dedicating an entire album to all the ladies out there. Don't let that fool you though, backed by DJ C'est La Vie, Tomorrow Yesterday's music is feel good hip hop at its finest and can be enjoyed by anyone. The album's first single, "Reminder" has been widely embraced on the Net and radio and the second single, "Fight", is already a fan favorite. Download this album now from your new favorite hip hop group!

Download: To... From...


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: DJ C'est La Vie, News, Yep, Tomorrow, A3, Yesterday, T.i.E.

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