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RZA's Directorial Debut - 'The Man with The Iron Fists'

Posted by LuisReyes on May 7


After introducing/unleashing Wu Tang Killa Bees onto the world, influencing many of your favorite current producers, and co-authoring one of the most poignant dynasties in Hip hop - what's a guy to do? Easy, direct your own feature film.

Universal has agreed to finance and distribute RZA's first screenplay, The Man with The Iron Fists. RZA co-wrote the latest screenplay with Eli Roth (Hostel) who says:

I wrote the latest draft with him. While I was away shooting Inglorious Basterds, RZA went to China to shoot test footage on his own, with all the choreography. It was very visual and I think he will bring to life a script that mixes Kung fu with a spaghetti Western mindset and a hip hop influence.

According to Universal, RZA plays the title character who forges weapons for the inhabitants of a village in feudal China and when everyone is forced to defend themselves, well, they all go Jet Li/Sam Kinison on each other. Can't wait!

Spotted at NahRight


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: News, RZA, The Man with The Iron Fists, Eli Roth

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