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Jarren Benton Ft. Hemi - Razor Blades and Steak Knives (Video)

Posted by Obese on Apr 23

If you thought the song was crazy, wait until you see this! Funk Volume artist and East Atlanta native Jarren Benton wastes no time following up the release of his first official single Razor Blades and Steak Knives, off his new album My Grandma’s Basement, which is slated to drop on June 12th. Of course Kato of SMKA is on the beat and in the video, along with some of his other friends. You know, this guy gets all sorts of comparisons to other rappers, past and present. I really just think he is in a league of his own. Giving a shit is just not his MO. We love him just off that alone. Directed by JKap.


Written by Obese

Topics: News, Hemi, Jarren Benton

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