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Jarren Benton (A3C Artist Spotlight)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Jul 3

Jarren Benton has been on the come up for at least the last year, signing to Funk Volume and not only building his name, but letting everyone know he is here and not going anywhere. The Atlanta emcee has been a veteran for a minute but is reinventing himself and with great measure. Linking up with the usual suspects, him and his right hand man Kato, along with all his other familiar collabs, have been cooking up that heat on My Grandma's Basement, bringing us what can only be considered all his feelings bottled up over the years. Look for Jarren to rip stage at A3C like years past, but maybe with a little more energy considering his new surroundings. Stay tuned for the schedule and more from the Atlanta emcee.

Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

Topics: News, Jarren Benton

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