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Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa – Pimpin’ Mane (Prod. By Kato) (New Music)

Posted by Obese on Feb 27


Over the weekend of February 7th through the 10th, the Atlanta production coalition known as SMKA (Super Market Knife Attack) put together what they call The Hang Out. It was pretty much exactly what you would expect with a name like that, seeing them invite a lot of their friends in the ATL area and beyond to drop by 882 Studios and chill, record and get their party on. The end result is two full mixtapes packed with original material with the first being The Hang Out Vol. 1., dropping March 26th. Look for the second in April. Here is our first listen off the project from Jackie Chain, Scotty and RaRa. Kato takes care of the production side on this one. That's Pimpin' Mane!


Written by Obese

Topics: News, Scotty, kato, Jackie Chain, RaRa

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