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J NICS (Exclusive A3C Interview)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Aug 19


I got the chance to check in with the Miami native J NICS to see what he's all about and what he's been working on. I can guarantee one thing, this dude is nothing to sleep on. Check out what we discussed below and look out for his new project ThreeSixtyFive on September 17th.

We really appreciate you taking the time out to talk to us today. Let’s get into it! You were raised in the Miami area. What was life like growing up in South Florida?

Growing up in South Florida had its ups and downs but I wouldn't have changed a thing. There is a lot of culture in Miami so down here I was very blessed to be exposed to different types of ethnicity,language and style.

Do you find your surroundings played a big role in the music you make today or were you more influenced by the music you were listening to?

I was much more influenced by music. Even though I was impacted by Trick Daddy and JT Money I started rapping because of Biggie and Jay Z my two favorites. When it came to music I always journeyed out and listened to a lot of music out of my region. My cd collection was filled with everything from No Way Out by Puff Daddy to Cool Breeze Eastpoint Greatest Hits.

Who were/are your influences when it comes to music?


When did you first realize that this rapping thing was something you could do and succeed at?

The first time I started to rap I know I could do it for the rest of my life. Thats the first way I found to express myself.

If you had to pick one song to play someone that you've made that best describes you and your style as a whole, what one would it be?

I would have to say Unruly from the The Product

You have a lot of themed projects, what is your favorite and will we be seeing more of this in the future?

Yes you definitely will be seeing more themed projects in the future. I like for my music to always have a purpose, and concept albums are a great way to do just so.

What would you say your biggest accomplishment is so far in this game?

I still got many goals to achieve so I can't even say right now. I'm were I have gotten in my career but I still want much more.

In an industry that has a constant turnover of artists, what fuels you to keep going and where does your drive come from?

I love making music. it's my passion so that's what fuels me. My ambition comes from my fans and family that support me and my will to never want to let those people down.

Where did the nickname Polar Bear Mack come from?

The name came from a line I had in a freestyle and it just stuck with me ever since. My large build and calm personality made for a perfect fit.

What is a normal day like in the life of J NICS?

I never have a normal day. I hate being repetitive so I try to switch it up always. But everyday I'm trying to get it.

If you had to pick one, what was your favorite TV Show growing up?

"The Simpsons" I watched that show religiously, I never missed an episode.

If I came to your city for a day to kick it with you, what are we doing?

First we go hit one of my homies and get some ganja, then we could slide out to some great food spots down here and get some real good hispanic or island food. After that we can go on a tour of the city from Uptown to Downtown.

What is one thing you can't live without?

Water and Music.

What's the next move for J NICS?

My next move is to continue my first move which is to be a legend.

We really appreciate your time! Can you let everyone know where they can find you online?

Hit me on twitter @JNICS305 and sound cloud.com/JNICS305 #ThreeSixtyFive

Interview done by Lauren Lo of LaurenLoPR for A3C

Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

Topics: News, J NICS

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