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2010 A3C Artist Spotlight: Chaundon

Mike Walbert
Posted by Mike Walbert on Oct 1

Chaundon is performing Friday, Oct 8th on the Kevin Nottingham showcase

Chaundon became a member of the Justus League in 1999 while attending North Carolina Central University. After being surrounded by like minded individuals he has discovered his niche and came into his own to develop a solid career. Chaundon has a solid underground following working previously with Little Brother, Jean Grae, and Sean Price and he will continue to expand his fan base with No Excuses.

Chaundon's presence on countless albums and mixtapes has built a strong foundation and a growing following. The Bronx New York native makes music that exudes power and originality which separates him from the pack, while maintaining potent lyricism, integrity, and his love for the Hip Hop culture.



Mike Walbert

Written by Mike Walbert

Mike Walbert is the Executive Director of the A3C Festival & Conference. As as partner in the business Mike oversees various aspects of the business, including: Business Development, Sponsorship, Branding and Marketing. Mike officially joined A3C in 2009 as the Artist Director. Since 2010 Mike has managed the strategy and team that have grown A3C from a regional showcase to an internationally recognized institution in hip-hop culture.

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