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Y A N C Y....One Word Defines Him...ARTIST || Performing LIVE Sat. April 9th

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Apr 2



Live Performance @ Rhythm Of Life LIVE

Saturday April 9th @ Luna Nueva (Little 5 Pts) 10pm

As They Say






Y A N C Y : Death Cab



One word defines him - Artist. Yancy, the Artist, weaves lyrics and
melodies to embody a pure, powerful expression of the world through
his skillfully crafted lens. Heavily influenced by fashion, design and
art, Yancy cleverly infuses all of his artistic pursuits into a
musical style that is unparalleled. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in
Tampa, FL, Yancy studied graphic design at the Savannah College of Art
and Design. It was in that hotbed of creativity that Yancy's musical
expression took shape. His band YBQ (Yancy and the Breakneck Quartet)
became a popular staple on the southern music scene. Combining the
lyrical style of hip-hop's birthplace with the laid-back aura of the
south, Yancy developed into a performance artist that brings something
wholly new to the industry platform. Musically and visually, Yancy
inspires fans to consider a progressive take on the traditional
iconography of urban music. Coming from the world's fashion capital
and a family of designers, the Artist uses style to complement his
presentation of a new urban silhouette with the familiar urban pulse.
Yancy's music has a nostalgic feel that throws back to the days of
90's New York hip-hop while his appearance is a forward take on
European cool. Engrossed in the essence of art and culture, the former
front man of YBQ stays relevant on the scene as the personified
evolution of hip-hop. Yancy, the Artist, is the reason hip-hop lives.

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