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A3C Office Soundtrack: April

Andrea Dwyer
Posted by Andrea Dwyer on Apr 7

A3C has been breaking artist since 2004 and we are always looking for new artists. Here’s what we’re banging in our computer speakers in the office so far in April. We have an eclectic mix of up and comers and longtime heavy hitters in the game.

In our April Office Soundtrack, we've put together an eclectic mix of recently released tracks. Bosco surprises fans by taking a detour from her typical sonic anthems, Chance the Rapper and his brother, Taylor Bennett, croons and rhymes over a subtle piano heavy track and beat makers Sango and Kaytranada do what they do best, supplying us with infectiously catchy beats. Enjoy our eighteen track compilation and be sure to re-post and share with other music lovers. 

Have a listen and be sure to share and let us know which tracks you’re feeling.

Andrea Dwyer

Written by Andrea Dwyer

Andrea is a key member of the A3C Team. She is the A3C Social Media Manager and a dope writer.

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