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Rapper Joyner Lucas gears up for A3C Get Money Music Indie showcase.

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 18


Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas is an MC that should definitely be on your watch list this year.  With the recent release of his newest project, Along Came Joyner, Lucas has been gaining significant notoriety in the industry. Even major music outlets like Vibe magazine have characterized Lucas as both a “skillful” and “hungry” artist.  Make sure you come see Joyner Lucas perform this year at the A3C Festival during the Get Money Music Indie showcase.

 At what age did you realize you wanted to become a rapper? What is your story?

 I realized I wanted to do music when I was 7. My pops was a producer, so I was basically born into the studio. After doing music up until I was 21, I then moved to Montana and signed with independent label Death Silence Records.

What was the feeling like to record your debut song “annihilate em” at age 10?

 It was cool man. I was very excited ya know? There weren’t many rappers that were out making noise at that time.

 How did you come up with your name?

Me, my pops, and my grandfather all share the same first name, which is Joyner. Lucas is my actual last name.

 Do you have any notable mentors in the rap industry?

 No, I don’t. But I do have people in the industry who inspire me. I’ve learned from artist like Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Cannabis.

 Are you currently working on any new projects?

 Not right now. I’m currently releasing videos for my last project that dropped in April, Along Came Joyner.

 What are some details on your performance for this years A3C performance?

 The showcase is called the Get Money Indie Artist Take Over, and it is located downtown at the Department Store on Edgewood. Also, the showcase starts at 7 on Wednesday.

Who are some of the artist you are looking forward to seeing perform this year?

I’m not sure who all is performing this year, but I’d love to see J.Cole perform again.

 How important is A3C for the hip-hop community?

 It s extremely important. Festivals give upcoming cats the opportunity to shine. It is always great to meet new people, but networking is honestly overrated. It is about the personal experience you take away from the festival that matters most.



Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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