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Using Social Media To Sell Beats

Posted by Darralyn Buford on Oct 8


Asking someone how to make money off their music is like asking how to get straight A’s in school. The answer to that is very simple, but the path to get there is very difficult.

That's the reason some artists or producers are left wondering are whether they're doing something wrong, or they’re not doing enough of something. Social media has become the #1 tool to engage with fans. Producers and social media experts  Mike Trampe , Kato On The Track, and CashmoneyAp discuss how to use social media to make money selling beats.

With today’s technology and social media platforms, it’s easy reaching out to artist and sending them beats versus before where you were traveling for hours to meet artists  and ask them to listen.

Producer Kato On The Track  stated,

“ Producers today have to be careful. When sending any artist beats, you should set up a online beat store so when artist pick a beat, they have to pay for it and once paid they’ll receive an agreement outlining what they can use your beats for.”

Artists and producers have to put 10,000 hours into one thing and master it. Almost every artist and producer that gives these producers music 9 times out of 10 make them go back into the studio and create more music.  Many artists and producers today still work a part-time or full-time job and are trying to get their music heard and recognized.

You have to make sure your building your social media skills and marketing skills when selling music, that’s why some artists and producers are not making any money or receiving any recognition because lack of promotion.

Darralyn Buford

Written by Darralyn Buford

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