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Cigars and Cognac

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 8

A3C Shows + Event Presents: Cigars and Cognac curated x @PhillyTheBoss

Date: Tuesday, October 8th

Time: 8pm-11pm

Location: Music Room

Lineup: Saviii 3rd, Dutch Rebelle, Trev Rich, Tone Capone, Dutty Jefe, Naybahood, O’Hara, Kahree 003, Newz Huddle 

Get to Know The Curator

A3C Alumni or First Time?


What inspired you to start curating shows?

I started curating shows simply because I had favorite artist that I never got to see. So I decided to book them myself.

How does your show stand out?

In the last 4 years 70% of the acts on my Showcase have signed deals and or worked with major artists in the Industry. Cigars and Cognac is The Freshman Cover

Artist to watch?

Saviii 3rd, O’Hara

Check out the shows playlist below:


Say HEY to our 2019 A3C curator when you see them around the Festival & Conference this year!

6D6233D8-B446-482B-89E1-0A67C3D96282 - Philly ThaBoss


The Blog Team

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