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The Art of Metanoia

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 9

A3C Shows + Event Presents: The Art of Metanoia curated x Auriel Oates

Date: Wednesday, October 9th

Time: 7:00pm- 11:00pm

Location: Music Room

Lineup: #TheSet, Jaye Newton, Angel White, Chancer, Cydnei Chyan, Clew, RobOlu, Rex Evans

Get to Know The Curator

A3C Alumni or First Time?

A3C Alumni

What inspired you to start curating shows?

During my time at Georgia State University, I had a number of artist friends but didn’t feel there was a perfect place for them to showcase their works. Between my love for art and event planning, I found the perfect opportunity to create a platform for my friends—and the underground creative community in Atlanta—to show off whatever their talents may be: caricature drawings, animations, musical performances, spoken word, or fashion.

How does your show stand out?

The vibe of our show is just different. I envision TAOM as a place where “everyone can have fun and be comfortable,” and attendees are encouraged to interact with the artists and vendors. Since separate rooms house the live musical performances and visual art, no one has to shout over the music in the gallery room. The result is an arts event that feels a bit like a gallery opening, club show, and social mixer all fused into one.

Artist to watch?


Check out the shows playlist below:


Say HEY to our 2019 A3C curator when you see them around the Festival & Conference this year!

auri3 - Auriel Oates


The Blog Team

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