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The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 8

A3C Shows + Event Presents: #NufaceFavoriteThings curated x NuFace

Date: Tuesday, October 8th

Time: 11:30pm- 3:00am

Location: Union EAV

Lineup: RalphNoLauren,Translee,Grey,Asha,d horton, jay dot rain,seven the genius, rei The Imperial ,3eaven

Get to Know The Curator

A3C Alumni or First Time?

First time

What inspired you to start curating shows?

I’m a huge hip hop fan and have attended some of the greatest shows in Atlanta

How does your show stand out?

It’s from a fan perspective

Artist to watch?


Check out the shows playlist below:

Say HEY to our 2019 A3C curator when you see them around the Festival & Conference this year!

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The Blog Team

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