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Q&A with Austin Webster (Founder/CEO of Deepr) & Darrell Thompson (Co-Founder/COO of Deepr)

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 7


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We sat down with Austin Webster and Darrel Thompson of Deepr to discuss the brands history at A3C and to get the scoop on their launch.

Why do you think your presence is important at A3C this year.

Austin: A3C is a HUGE part of the Deepr ™ story. It's actually where I presented the first prototype for the concept that eventually became Deepr ™. Also, it's where Darrell and I met. So, it's only fitting that we continue to be a part of A3C as it continues to grow to new levels.

Darrell: A3C has been one of the music industry's most important conferences. This year with the bigger venue and new partnerships, it truly is a "can't miss" event.


What impact has DEEPR made on the industry?

Darrell: Because Deepr ™ has not launched to the general public as of today's date, we can't say that we have made an impact on the industry. That said, our soft launch is around the corner, and we confidently believe that the creators of the music we love will reap the benefits of having consumers discover more great music they've created. Likewise, even the casual music fan will enjoy going deepr to discover other great music they were previously unaware.


What type of legacy do you want to leave for DEEPR?

Austin: I've heard a lot of my musical heroes, such as Jimmy Jam and Bryan-Michael Cox, state that reading liner notes taught them who to emulate and study when they were coming of age. If Deepr ™ can be the gateway and inspirational tool for the next great producer or songwriter, then that would be an exceptional legacy for Deepr ™.

Darrell: Agreed. We would like to be known for introducing a younger generation who has only known music in a streaming environment to music credits and the people behind the songs they love.


Aside from colleagues at DEEPR, who do you admire in the industry?

Austin: In music, the list is too long but I will say they're all represented in the 100+ playlists I've created in my Deepr ™ account. In tech, entrepreneurs such as Jewel Burks Solomon and Marcus Cobb.

Darrell: People like Big Jon Platt is a true visionary. Also, Clarence Avant.


What are you doing that’s innovative?

Austin: Deepr ™ utilizes audio recognition and patent-pending interactive metadata technology in an intuitive gamifying interface taking users on a deepr dive behind the music that catches their ear.


What motivates and drives you to continue to improve and innovate?

Austin: I'm never satisfied. I'm always thinking of new ways to innovate the timeless experience of enjoying music. As long as good music is around and being created, I'll be inspired.

Darrell: Technology used correctly has the ability to make the world a better place. Using technology to help consumers make personalized playlists is what Deepr ™ does and we think the world is a better place because of it.


Is there anything you’re working on (that you can share) that you’re excited about releasing in 2019/20?

Darrell: Deepr ™ will become publicly available very soon for iOS and Android mobile devices. Stay tuned to our IG account (@DeeprMusic) for updates.


What can we expect from DEEPR in the next 6 months?

Austin: Growth and Visibility. We are really amped to unveil and introduce Deepr ™ to the college and music community here in Atlanta!


Join Deepr at A3C with Grammy award winning songwriter/producer, Dallas Austin, as he demontrates how he utilizes the app to discover new music and research songs that he's written or produced. Learn more about Deepr on their website Deeprmusic.com


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