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Playlist party displays the spirit of Edgewood Ave

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Oct 11

A3C_10-9-16-5558.jpgPhoto Credit: Eric Barbosa for A3C media services

The central location for A3C this year was on Edgewood Ave. The busy and historic Atlanta street served to be a perfect place to hold the multiple music showcases at the numerous bars and restaurants. Edgewood Ave. attracts a mix of young Atlanta residents. Locals, college students, and young professionals mix it up every weekend. A3C took the weekly ritual of booze, loud music and dancing to another level. One recurring event that happens on Edgewood is the Playlist Party.

A3C Festival has incorporated the Playlist Party into the festivities this year. Walking into Space 2 on the corner of Edgewood Ave. and Boulevard Dr., there is little decoration. Just a few crates stacked on top of each other, a makeshift bar to the left of the venue, and the stage on the back wall. That is pretty much all that is needed for this type of event. As the last day of A3C came to a close the Playlist Party was just getting started. The rules of the Playlist Party seemed to be simple and fair. If you are expected to perform, make sure you have your music ready and be prepared to perform. Most acts get time for one song to perform,  so they have to make it memorable. By nature the atmosphere of Edgewood on a weekend is all about turning up and the was reflected in the music selection of the artists who performed at the A3C edition of Playlist Party.        

A3C_10-9-16-5621.jpgPhoto Credit: Eric Barbosa for A3C media services

The Playlist Party has garnered so much attention that Greg Street of V-103 even made a brief appearance. Although it was A3C weekend, it felt like a regular Edgewood night. With Jay Wise as the host, the artists came and took the stage one by one to show that they have what it takes to be next up.

Artists such as Devin Mays, Brinks Life, Reim, and Mauie the King Jr. were there to introduce their music to some and refresh others. With no sponsor and partner banners hanging anywhere in the venue, Playlist Party was one of the most organic showcases of the festival.

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Playlist Party, Edgewood Ave

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