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A3C Speakers: Maurice Garland has his pen on the pulse of Hip-Hop Journalism

Johnell Gipson
Posted by Johnell Gipson on Aug 31

a1459593-ebe8-42b5-b090-842953e2308c4-1.jpgA3C is less than two months away, and as the hype builds, our list of guests continues to grow each day. Aside from performers, there will be an impressive team of featured speakers and panelists. One of the most anticipated speakers will be Maurice Garland, a writer, journalist, and host that made quite a name for himself in Hip-Hop culture.

Maurice Garland is a true Atlantan, born in Pittsburgh but raised in Decatur, Georgia. Utilizing a number of media talents, Garland has worked for a bevy of publications and brands, including XXL, Vibe, Complex, Billboard, Creative Loafing, Coors Light and Adidas. His skills range from blogging, editorials and features to social media marketing and brand campaigns.

Garland is thoroughly integrated in the Hip-Hop community, and has worked with A3C in the past as a host and producer. He Is also the Editor-In-Chief of his highly popular Hip-Hop blog, mauricegarland.com. Garland’s blog is recognized as one of the best in the industry, and in 2012 was named the Best Music Blog In Atlanta by Creative Loafing. Garland’s content ranges from op-eds, features, and reviews to videos, photos and soundcloud playlists. As a content curator, Garland keeps his thumb to the pulse of Hip-Hop culture on a daily basis.

As a media personality and host, Garland is also highly active in a number of creative pursuits; he is the co-host of Day 1 Radio on ABL Radio where he speaks on popular subjects in Hip-Hop and does reviews of trending artists and their projects. Garland also stays active in the community, as he is a mainstay at Playlist Party, a popular weekly event at Edgewood Avenue’s Department Store where attendees choose the music everyone hears. Garland knows the importance of not only witnessing and critiquing today's Hip-Hop culture, but also remaining a key part of it.

With his hands on approach toward music and an insatiable appetite for success, Maurice Garland remains an important cultural node in Hip-Hop today. Garland will be showcasing his knowledge at A3C Festival & Conference 2016, speaking at The Future of Journalism: Covering Hip-Hop Culture. The event will take place on Friday, October 7th at 2:00 PM, at the Loudermilk Center.

Johnell Gipson

Written by Johnell Gipson

Topics: Keynote Speaker

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