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5 Underground Rappers to Keep On Your Radar

Ashley Vance
Posted by Ashley Vance on May 31

Who’s hot, who’s not? With new artists introducing themselves to the rap game every day,
it’s becoming hard to keep up! Hip-Hop is a genre built on stamina, consistently defying boundaries and pushing limits. Though it’s become considerably easy to “become” an artist, the overly saturated hip-hop industry has made it much harder to remain relevant. Still, there’s always a high demand for fresh talent, and these days, your talent has to be accompanied by a potential for longevity. In an industry full of popcorn artists, it’s only fair that we highlight a few promising underground rappers from time to time. From a fresh-faced teenage girl to a nappy-headed East Atlanta native, here are 5 underground rappers you’ll wish you heard of sooner:

Screen-Shot-2014-05-19-at-10.32.53-AM.png1. Pell

When it comes to underground rap, Pell is slowly but surely becoming an industry trailblazer. The New Orleans born rapper is the latest in the subgenre “dream rap,” an indifferent mix between dreamy beats and pulsing rhymes. He began his music career producing beats, and his creativity shines through his space-age sound.


2. Lexii Alijai 

Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, this chick has shown the rap game that she’s here to stay. You may have heard her rhymes featured on Kehlani’s hit track, Jealous, but what you probably didn’t know is that Lexii was only 17 when the song was released. Don’t let the soft face fool you; she’s got the skills to take-on your favorite female rapper! Her latest project, Joseph’s Coat, is available on Soundcloud.


3. Salma Slims

Since we’re talking female rappers, it’s only right that we introduce you to the Private Club’s first lady. According to The Fader, Salma Slims has been reliably in the cut as her Private Club Records affiliate Madeintyo steadily builds a profile for himself and his crew. Her debut project, “Diary of Salma Slims,” showcases her poetic skillset and proves that she’s a force to reckoned with.


4. Zip K

And now, here’s that East Atlanta nappiness we promised you earlier. Zip K is a Decatur born artist with undeniable lyrical talent. His debut Album "404 ERROR" tells the story of an emerging artist with a goal to fit into the music industry, and includes a killer feature from G.O.O.D Music’s CyHi Tha Prynce. In 2016, he released Rotten Peaches, a 5-track EP dedicated to the downfalls of the modern day situation-ship.  


5. Rome Fortune

Standing out is a requirement for a breakout hip-hop star, and no one stands out better than Rome Fortune. If for some reason you forget about his brightly colored beard, his relatable lyrics certainly won’t escape your memory! In 2014, he told Fact magazine he had trouble signing a record deal because too many labels wanted to restrict or didn't understand his style. According to Pitchfork, his album titled Jerome Raheem Fortune focuses on his toils, including the struggle of living in a motel with his single mother.

Ashley Vance

Written by Ashley Vance

Vance is A3C's Editor-in-Chief. Working as an Atlanta-based content guru, she dedicates her free time to helping artists build lasting brands.

Topics: Hip Hop culture

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