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5 Reasons you missed out on 'The Social Club' (May Edition)

Ashley Vance
Posted by Ashley Vance on May 11


A3C networking events are consistently filled with good vibes and great people, and the May Edition of the Social Club was no exception! We curate this monthly meeting of tastemakers in hopes of connecting local Atlanta influencers prior to the festival events to come in October.

If you’re a musical artist, entrepreneur, industry figure, or just a fan of hip-hop, there was someone in the building last night waiting for you to shake their hand or bounce a fresh, new idea off of their head. If you couldn’t make yesterday’s event, you missed out on an ongoing series of unforgettable moments. There are dozens of reasons you should have been there, but to spare you from overwhelming amounts of jealousy, we’ve narrowed it down to just five:


The 2 Vibes in 1 Venue.

The event was held at the Sound Table, one of Edgewood Ave’s most frequented spaces. If you’ve ever been here, you’ve probably taken advantage of the venue’s uniqueindoor/outdoor setup. On the inside, people were throwing back drinks and enjoying themusic, while industry figures were shaking hands and slinging business cards out back.Whether you made networking your turn-up intermission, or snuck in a couple dances inbetween engaging conversations, you got the best of both worlds.

The Very Important People.

What’s an A3C event if you don’t get to meet an idol or two? Last night’s crowd includedsome of the industry’s most notable names, including Big K.R.I.T. Everywhere you turnedwas a familiar face followed by a camera flash.


The Connections.

Next, the part of the night that makes the A3C Social Club more than just a good time: the networking. Not only were big names dropped, but the up and coming had their chance to flourish as well. Everyone who was there for the experience benefited from not being too shy to introduce themselves. The event was tailored to benefit all professions; from musicians, to photographers, stylists, writers, managers, you name it!


The Sounds.

Xavier Blk was in control of the vibes, and he never disappoints. These days, it’s very rare that more than 70% of the crowd is up, on their feet, and in tune with the music. Mixing between the new hits and the old classics, no one could resist the urge bust a move.


The Atmosphere.

... was a bit chaotic, but in the best way possible. All of the things listed above combined with the drinks from the bar created the perfect recipe for positive vibes. Who needs elbow room when there’s a room full of people to meet?

Sad you couldn’t make the May Edition now, huh? No worries. Sign-up to join the A3C
Social Club
 today and attend the June Edition next month!

Ashley Vance

Written by Ashley Vance

Vance is A3C's Editor-in-Chief. Working as an Atlanta-based content guru, she dedicates her free time to helping artists build lasting brands.

Topics: Atlanta, The Social Club

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