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10 Quotes Damon Dash Has Embedded in Our Heads

Posted by Lisa Cook on Sep 10

Dame Dash is one of the most talked about hip hop moguls and entrepreneurs in the music industry. As Jay-Z’s former manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records he is responsible for making superstar rapper over $19 million while on tour and expanding his brand into a global empire, but unfortunately on their journey to moguldom their personal relationship went sour.

Dash is respected as an entrepreneurial genius despite his reputation as an arrogant, sour, ex-business partner. Whether you love him or hate him, The Harlem native will always speak his mind without remorse. Dash has done a number of heated interviews in the media leaving viewers with several unforgettable quotes that will stick with us forever.

dame dash

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Here’s the top ten quotes Dame Dash has embedded in our heads:


  1. “If you gonna work hard, you should work hard for something you want.”

Dash was speaking on the fact you shouldn’t spend your time working hard on something that isn’t benefiting you nor something that you desire.

  1. “There is no amount of money in this world someone could pay me for me to call them my boss. That's like calling somebody daddy.”

Dash finds pleasure in knowing that he never worked for anyone and the only person he can call boss is himself. He thinks having a boss is degrading to another man in the aspect you’re referring to him as your daddy.

  1. “9 to 5’s aren’t good because you are hustling for the weekend. But when you do something for your family it never feels like work. I hustle for my last name, I don’t hustle for my first.”

Dash is referring to the fact that working for himself will benefit his family.

  1. “Can another man tell you you’re fired? No one can tell me that. That's priceless to me.”

Dash expresses his pride in the fact that he works solely for himself and never has to fear being fired.

  1. “Jobs are for lazy people who don’t want to invest in themselves.”

Entrepreneurs invest in themselves in order to own businesses. If you’re working for someone else Dash is simply calling you too lazy to start your own thing.

  1. “Saving money is for suckas.”

Dash says you must spend money to make money. In this statement he is referring to starting your own business with your own money, why save it?

  1.  “You’re only the boss if you put up your own money. If you don’t put up your own money…I don’t care how much they offer you, you’re nothing but a supervisor. It’s not yours.”

In order for you to be a boss you must fund your own dreams. If someone else funds your business you’re still a worker in his eyes.

  1. “I’m mad at y’all for having the same job for 25 years…I can’t imagine doing the same shit every day having to be told what to do every day…and ask to go on vacation.”

Dash made you reevaluate your job with this one statement. So many people are complacent doing the same thing every day.

  1. “How could a man say he has a boss and be proud?”

Dash makes you really think about the fact that you work for someone else. Someone else is controlling your check. Are you proud to have to answer to someone else?

  1. “I’m not going to fight for something I don’t own.”

People fight for what they want and what they’re passionate about. Dash makes a simple point, why would you want to fight for something that you don’t own? This quote makes you want to own a piece of the American pie yourself.

Lisa Cook

Written by Lisa Cook

Topics: dame dash

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