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Weekly Discovery: 6 New Hip-Hop Artists In Your Feed (5/15/17)

Posted by Marcus Griffin on May 15

This week, we're back at it again with 6 new artists and it is up to you, the fans to decide who's next to perform at A3C 2017! Thanks to all who voted last week and we welcome you to participate again.  

We've been breaking artists since 2005. Over 5,000 artists have performed over the past 12 years. Alumni include A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, B.o.B, Danny Brown, G-Eazy, J.Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, Vic Mensa, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug and thousands more.

We want to provide a stage for the best hip-hop artists on the come up and we need your help!

Discover 6 new artists every week and decide who gets to perform at 2017 A3C

Submit to Perform

We review hundreds of artists each week (submission info) and pick 6 of our favorite artists... but we want the final decision to up to the fans.  Come back each Monday and discover 6 dope underground hip-hop artists from across the world.

You can vote for your favorite artist every day. The two artists with the most votes will be invited to perform at #A3C17 in Atlanta and have a chance to perform on the A3C Festival main stage.  Voting ends on Friday at 11pm EST.  

Buy Your Pass Today

If you show your support for up-and-coming hip-hop artists and VOTE, we’ll send you a discount code for $10 off an A3C, Festival or Conference pass.


Get to know this week’s 6 New artists and vote for your favorite:

  • P.A.T. Junior - Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Wil Akogu - Chicago, Illinois

  • Cypher Clique - Dover, Delaware
  • T-Dubb-O - St. Louis, Missouri

  • Gilles - Atlanta, Georgia
  • C5 - Oakland, Califronia


P.A.T. Junior - (@iampatjunior)

Originally from New York but currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, P.A.T. Junior is multi-talented artist looking to uplift and share sharpening perspectives within the culture. Raised on various genres music,  he took specific interests and Hip Hop at young age and began writing spoken word & rhymes to instrumentals from his favorite artists' records. Get to know more about P.A.T. Junior and watch "IDKBIK". 

Click HERE to vote


Wil Akogu - (@WilAkogu)

Wil Akogu,  is an African-American hip-hop recording artist from Chicago. Akogu longs to share his passion, love and soulful outlook on life. Akogu's music and personality promotes the importance of self-awareness and self love, indicating that our souls and who we truly are hold the key to life, and answers to life's deepest questions. Get to know more about Wil Akogo and watch "Buried Alive". 

Click HERE to vote
Cypher Clique - @cypherclique
Delaware is not really known for much, but this hip-hop trio hopes to change that soon. Cypher Clique, consisting of three MCs known as Relay , Mic Anthony, & Rapper/Producer D-Major. They first met collectively in 2007 just... making music as a hobby in high school, but as time progressed, and they have taken their skills to the next level! They're former A3C Alumni and they're hoping to return agin this year. Get to know more about Cypher Clique and watch "The Wave".
Click HERE to vote
T-Dubb-O - (@T_Dubb_O)
T-Dubb-O is a hip-hop artist born in Saint Louis, MO. What separates Dubb from  rappers  today is not just his aggressive and extraordinary flow, but the work he does in the community. Dubb and his grass roots organization, Hands Up United, have been labeled America’s New Black Radicals. Get to know more about T-Dubb-O and watch "U Mad".
Click HERE to vote
Gilles - (@Supergilles)
Gilles is an Atlanta artist whose story is rather unqie. What makes Gilles story so interesting is precisely the fact that like so many of us, he is not just one thing. He is the sensitive stoic. He is the rapper. He is the lawyer. He is the womanizer looking for love. Gilles weaves his Caribbean-American NY-ATL upbringing, extended tours of the halls of higher education, and affinity for tall women and thrift stores all atop a passion for lyricism and word play. Get to know more about Gilles and watch "Queens + Castles".

Click HERE to vote
C5 is an intricate lyricist who uses his craft to speak about his experiences that led him to where he is today. Growing up in Oakland, CA was a tough battle for him and he fought every day to survive. However, after being accepted into Dominguez Hills in the Los Angeles area, his life immediately took a turn in the right direction and he began his journey in search for a positive environment filled with blessings and inspiration. Get to know more about C5 and watch "Black Guy".
Click HERE to vote
Marcus Griffin

Written by Marcus Griffin

Marcus is a vibe curator, a GSU Alumni and an A&R for A3C.

Topics: This Is My Year, Artist Advice, Opportunities

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