ICYMI: Smino and Rayvn Lenae Will Join SZA on Tour

Sierra Brown
Posted by Sierra Brown on Jul 12

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SZA fans who have been bumping Z  for the past four years were ecstatic when Ctrl  finally dropped last month, so you can imagine the hysteria when she released her tour dates. Starting in August, SZA will tour the United States and parts of Canada alongside upcoming A3C act Smino and the lovely Ravyn Lenea. 

To no surprise, the entire tour is nearly sold out! Smino, the 25-year-old rapper from Missouri, has been making major waves in the rap game with his debut project Blkswn. The same goes for Ravyn Lenae, a breakout singer from Chicago who has a few projects of her own, including her EP Midnight Moonlight and her debut album Moon Shoes.

Smino will be performing at Fool’s Gold DAY OFF at A3C Saturday, Oct. 7.

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