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My Experience at the Creator Complex by Hickman L.A.

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Nov 2
The first year of the Creator Complex was very special. There were dozens of creative professionals and companies lending their time and expertise to help more than 500 artists on Friday, Oct 6th from 10am to 10pm. 
Special thanks to Akai, Serato Sample, Sqaurespace, LANDR, Cam Kirk Studios, In The Lab w/ A-King, Wish Creative Media and FitzCo.
This is a firsthand account from Hickman L.A.
I entered the complex around 11am. It was still early but there was a great energy as soon as I walked in. People (coordinators) didn’t even give me a chance to walk completely in before offering me MAD services. I was stopped to do a Bio/Press Kit, take head shots, and try the Kaotica Eyeball all at the same time! 
hickman la creator complex.png
I decided to do a freestyle with DJ Salt testing out the Kaotica Eyeball, and he dug my sound so much he immediately added me to one of his Spotify playlists on top of following my Spotify Artist Page. This interaction was definitely a highlight. Not only did it further validate to me that I got skills on the mic, but also gave me another DJ to connect with and an IMMEDIATE placement on another Spotify playlist (600+ followers). 
I also got my interview with A-King (a REAL good look), who was humble and real easy to speak to about my music. I actually got to World Premiere my new single with him, “I Do This”, which dropped that same day on all streaming platforms. My experience with him was great, gave me confidence, and was amazing promo for my single (posted snippet video of the interview on my Instagram, my followers showed MAD love).
Lastly, I took head shots upstairs and rushed out to catch some panels I was looking forward to.
Overall, I am completely thankful for the Creator Complex. Personally, it gave me new content to push out to my fan base! Straight up! Official A3C content at that, which verifies me in a lot of people’s eyes. For that, I thank A3C. Giving artists a chance to really get their ducks in line, especially for DIY Musicians, and putting YOUR brand as “A3C” in the forefront of that content goes a long way. The willingness of A3C to give back to up-and-coming artists with actual TANGIBLES shows how appreciative you are of us Indie Artist. 
My experience was great and the Creator Complex should be a STAPLE for future A3Cs!
The Blog Team

Written by The Blog Team

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