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Most Memorable Shawty Lo Moments

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 26

shawty-lo-all-my-babies-horizontal.jpgThis past Wednesday, Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, passed away in a car accident along the I-285 highway in Atlanta, Georgia. Fulton police spokeswoman Cpl. Maureen Smith stated, “the driver, 40-year-old Carlos Walker, lost control of his vehicle, a 2016 Audi, leaving the roadway and striking a tree, causing the vehicle to overturn and catch fire.” The accident was said to have happened approximately around 2:20 a.m. near the Cascade Road exit. That night, hundreds came out to a local vigil in Bankhead to honor the rapper’s death. In honor of Shawty Lo and his contributions to the Hip-Hop community, below are a list of what we believe are the most memorable Shawty Lo Moments. 

D4LD4L-Down-for-Life.jpgShawty Lo formed the southern hip-hop group known as, D4L or “Down For Life,” with Atlanta artist Fabo, Stoney, and Mook B. in 2003. Lo also self-funded the group for much of its existence, and even executive produced their debut album, Down For Life.

"Dey Know"
shawty-lo_0.jpgShawty Lo dropped “Dey Know," one of the most remembered rap songs in the early 2000’s. In 2007, the single made it all the way to the Top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Beef with T.I.
tip-shawty-lo.jpgThe streets went crazy in 2008 when word that beef was circulating between Lo and Tip. Shawty lo’s “Dunn Dunn” was made as a result of the two rappers' feud. Similarly, T.I. responded with a track titled, “What’s Up, What’s Haapnin.” Fortunately, after the two had a physical altercation at an award show that year, the beef was publically ended on March 7, 2009.

What are your favorite Shawty Lo moments or records? Tells us your thoughts below!

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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