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Exclusive: Drew Sanders presents A3C with first R&B Showcase in Festival's History

Lauren Martinez
Posted by Lauren Martinez on Sep 16


Photo credit: Derek Wilson

You asked, and we delivered! By popular demand, A3C is debuting it's first r&b showcase ever. For 12 consecutive years, the festival has been a hip-hop connoisseur's ultimate paradise, but this year we've decided to add a new genre into the mix.

Atlanta's premiere music showcase RnBUntapped has been added to A3C's extensive line-up. For one night only festival-goers will have the chance to witness some of the best r&b acts in the country performing under one roof, including the likes of Kissie Lee, Aleicia Nicole, Roman GianArthur, Devon, Brik. Liam, Jon Schuyler, Daryn Alexus, Gloria Princess, Keith Jacobs, K-Major, ASH, DJ Jazzy T and more.

Founder Drew Sanders created the innovative platform as a solution for emerging artists lacking the opportunity to display their musical gifts with the world. "We started doing the showcase in the city of Atlanta because there wasn't an arena for these acts to present their talents," he says.


Photo credit: Derek Wilson

The passionate promoter strongly believes the presence of r&b has been missing for quite some time in music and with hip-hop's exponential growth in pop culture over the last decade who would dare disagree with his stance. Now, A3C's fanbase may not be the easiest crowd to garner attention from especially if it's not a show filled with a list of recognizable rap names, but Sanders is more than up for the challenge.

The New York native is certain RnBUntapped will unquestionably be a great addition to the festival and isn't backing down from a little bit of controversy. "People need to really be more open to different genres outside of hip-hop. I hope that with A3C allowing us to have an r&b stage it opens doors for other genres to come in like EDM, jazz or maybe even rock. It's a lot of artists out here who need to be heard," he adds.

Make sure to catch the anticipated show at Music Room (Old 4th Ward) on Friday, October 7th @ 8:00 PM. For more information on where to grab tickets for RnBUntapped click here.


























Lauren Martinez

Written by Lauren Martinez

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