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A3C Navigation: Dope Panels and Meet Ups for Aspiring Managers to attend

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Aug 30

unnamed-55.jpgFor aspiring artist or producer managers, one of the best ways to learn about the business is to here from people who are currently working in it.  This year at A3C there will be many managers participating in Panels, Meetups and Workshops that can give aspiring managers the run-down of how it works.

  1. Managers Meet Up

This meet up is the perfect opportunity for aspiring managers to meet and learn from people in the industry. The managers meet up is also a great opportunity to network with other aspiring executives and artists looking for management.

The event will feature professionals Paris P.L. Kirk and Jamaar “Woah” Martin.  Under Adella Thomas Management, Martin guides the careers of producers Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, artists Tasha Catour, Que and many more.   Paris P.L. Kirk has worked with numerous artists in A&R and artist management and had a huge impact on the career of Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. 

Managers Meet Up

Wednesday October 5th @2:30 P.M.

The Lab (Loudermilk Center)


Paris P.L. Kirk

Jamaar “Woah” Martin


  1. Booking and Managing Your Own Tour

Although this panel is geared more towards independent artists, it’s also great information for aspiring managers. As a manager you may serve as a booking agent, tour managers, and so much more for your artist. At this seminar, managers can learn how to put together a tour for an artist who may not have the help from a booking agent or a label.  Managing budgets and finding transportation and lodging is only the beginning.  Kaylee Bugg, Vocalist and artist manager, Demont Callender, and Yusuf Muhammed will help managers understand what it takes to build a successful independent tour.


Booking and Managing Your Own Tour

Wednesday October 5th @ 5:00 p.m.

Room One (Loudermilk Center)


Kaylee Bugg- Vocalist, artist manager

Demont Callender

Yusuf Muhammed 

  1. Managers Mentor Session

Managers Mentor Session is a way for attendees to have the opportunity to speak personally to managers working in Hip-hop.  The sessions are scheduled online and in person at the festival.  You’ll have 7 minutes to ask your mentor questions.  You have to register online for this event and check in at a specific time.  This event puts you right in front of the manager you’d like to speak with and is a great opportunity that aspiring managers should take advantage of.

Managers Mentor Session

Friday October 7th @ 4:00 p.m.

The Lab (Loudermilk Center)

  1. Manage Me Please: A Producer’s Manager

Producers in this industry are considered artists just as much as any rapper or singer.  Producers are now doing DJ sets, making appearances and going on tour.  Producers need managers just like any other artist to manage touring, placements and paperwork.  This panel will help both producers and managers understand the importance and the value that a manager can bring to a producer’s career.  This panel will feature the producer’s manager himself, Rico Brooks.  Brooks, CEO of Adella Thomas Management currently guides the careers of various producers such as Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, Bobby Johnson, D. Rich and many more.  Dow Jones, creator of Tha Bizness, a multi-platinum music production team, will also be featured on this panel.  The third panelist, Courtney, “Cizzurp” Carroll is the Senior VP of iStandard Producers.  Managers and producers will have access to tons of great information from these panelists.

Manage Me Please: A Producer’s Manager

Rico Brooks

Dow Jones

Courtney “Cizzurp” Carroll












Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

Topics: Management

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